Monday, April 6, 2009

Use WordPress As A Content Management System

WordPress users tend to look down a bit on those that use the free hosted Blogger platform. I use both and there are things I like about both Blogger and WordPress. I have blogs hosted that use WP and blogs such as this one that are still using Blogger. I have always liked the "almost" WYSIWYG template editor that Blogger has. You can move your stuff around or if you are so inclined you can edit the HTML directly. This is a huge plus for folks that are new to blogging.

When I am talking with people that are looking to start a blog and get there feet wet in this domain I usually recommend starting with Blogger. The learning curve is much shorter and allows them to focus initially on content and building community. With the improvements made over the last year in the Blogger realm you really can have a great blog using only Blogger. If you are wanting a broader presence that goes beyond simple blogging then yes WP is for you. WP is a great platform not just for basic blogging but for overall content management. I know quite a few people who started out using WP and got discouraged and either quit or moved over to Blogger. Blogger is simply easier to use for many people. Certainly WP is much more robust, but the lack of easy WYSIWYG template editing and overall flexibility in the templates has been a downside. No longer though!

Introducing a new Wordpress cm theme. The new theme goes beyond simple blogging and really takes WP to the level of complete Content Management. The theme also offers a WYSIWYG page editor that allows you to insert and edit your page template directly from a visual editor. The CM theme is completely customizable, quality coded & comes bundled with many layout options that helps everyone create custom websites in minutes saves weeks of time, maintaining top notch standards-compliant quality. The theme really is a complete content management system for your website.

You can get this incredible PREMIUM theme for the incredible price of $75! For this type of theme that is a wonderful price. In addition to the 50 custom static page templates already included they are also including the add-on Magazine Module. Magazine Module is a bundle of 5 different magazine layouts. These are ready to use templates that you can use to start a newspaper or magazine site on any topic. They are also throwing in WP Remix BB. This is a wonderful PHPBB3 template that you can use to create a forum on any topic for your site. While the module doesn't work with the theme directly the template has been designed to match WP Remix theme so you can have overall integrity in the looks for your site. This is really a great theme and CMS for the price and when you add the free bonuses it is even better. This is by far one of the best and easiest to use WP themes out there.

If you are like me and like to make money online they also have an affiliate program. The WP Remix affiliate program payout has just increased to 50% from 20% at the start of last week. This is an incredible payout and a way to make a quick buck by recommending one of the best WP themes available. They have some great banners you can use and they pay monthly via PayPal.

later all and have a profitable and productive blogging day

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