Friday, April 3, 2009

Searching For Next XML Superstar!

Hmmmm....Is there such an animal? Ha...I'm funny :)...

Anyway I did want to pass along some information that could be lucrative for you. IDUG is sponsoring a contest for XML developers in an attempt to increase awareness and familiarity with XQuery, XML and DB2. The IDUG contest doesn't have just one way to win it has five separate ways for individuals of all skill levels so you enter one track or all five! Each sub-contest has its own recognition and prizes. The types of skills required to enter cover those with a passing interest in XML and database technology all the way to those with hardcore programming skills in DB2. I would fall in the former of those to categories. Here is a quick explanation from the website on each of the different areas of the contest.
  • Video Contest: Invent a creative use of XML, XQuery or DB2 and record yourself doing it.
  • Gadget Contest: Develop a downloadable gadget or widget leveraging DB2.
  • Query Contest: Use XQuery to find five answers. The best queries win the best prizes!
  • Ported App Contest1: Port or develop a new app for DB2. Enter as an individual or assemble a team.
  • XML2 Contest: Win by building useful, user-friendly XML apps from scratch. Enter as an individual or assemble a team.

Are you a XML developer? Do you feel you have what it takes to be the next XML superstar? Then you should enter the IDUG contest and find out for real. You earn participation points for each entry into the sub-contests, and a special prize will be given to the contestant that accumulates the most participation points. The person with the most points gets the title of "Grandmaster." Sounds a bit like an RPG influence there :). I do wish all of you who enter good luck.

later all and have a profitable and productive blogging day

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