Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Over 55 - The New Social Networking Demographic?

I have been reading a lot lately about the demographics of social networking sites like Facebook and Myspace. All of the news coming out lately is showing that the demographics are skewing more and more to the older age groups. This is kinda counter-intuitive for most people as the standard way of thinking is that younger people tend to be more tech savvy and spend more time online and social networking than older people do.

Another article on just today talked about how the fastest growing group on Facebook is women over 55. Now as an affiliate marketer and blogger information like this is critical to my marketing efforts. There is a site I check out for information on Facebook. It is a site called Inside Facebook and they track the growth of Facebook. The site is full of a ton of useful information for those of us that market on Facebook. If you do market on facebook you should check them out.

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