Monday, April 13, 2009

My Home In Belize & My New Porsche

Have I got your attention? Good. You are probably wanting to ask the question, "Do you own a home in Belize and a Porsche?" Well the answer is no on both accounts, but that I am however well on my way to both. I already have a nice place to live and a nice car to drive, but I am looking to retire at 45 to Belize and when I do I want to import a Porsche when I do. The beauty of retiring to Belize is that at 45 you can retire there and pay no income taxes and not duties or fees on your personal items brought in. To qualify for the retirement status you have to be making $2000 a month in income from sources outside Belize. For me that shouldn't be a problem as I make more than that now from affiliate marketing and blogging.

I will be making a trip down there in August of this year to look at lots to buy. There are some wonderful communities down there where you can get a beautiful lot for less than $20000. These are water access lots in private gated communities with all the amenities. One community that I will be touring has a clubhouse, walking trails, and more. All of the areas I'm looking at have all utilities, cable or satellite TV, and broadband internet. All the things a guy making a living online needs.

Here is a picture of the 911 I looked at recently. Now as I am a frugal person I don't buy new cars, so this one is used. I just don't see the wisdom in buying something so expensive that depreciates by at least 25% almost immediately. I let other more foolish people take that hit :). I also don't like paying interest so I am saving money now so I can pay cash then. I don't like paying interest to anyone for any reason. That is why I haven't used a credit card in over 5 years.

I look at each dollar as an employee that is working for me for free. The more of those employees I have working for me the more money I can make. If I waste my money paying the wages of another's money(interest) I have less for me. I put every dollar I can to work for me earning me more money. Here is an example from today. Instead of going out to eat for lunch I bring lunch from home. I know guys that drop $7-8 a day on lunch. That is ridiculous. I bring lunch from home at roughly an average cost of $1. Each week I deposit $25, what I call my "lunch money," into an account earning me 5%. This lunch money is money that I would be spending if I went out to eat. Some people would say that by not spending they have saved that money, when in reality all they have done is not spend it on that particular budget expense. For most that money they "save" is usually frittered away somewhere else and the actual savings are lost and not actually realized. For me when I don't spend the money on lunch I actually SAVE the money and deposit it so that it begins to work for me. Not spending money is not the same as saving money! Just some things to think about on this wonderful Monday. I wrote an article back in '07 Accumulating Wealth Is A Lifestyle - Part 1 - Capture Savings Instantly where I talk a bit more about some of my ideas. Check it out for some more insight into how my brain works :).

later all and have a profitable and productive blogging day

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