Thursday, April 23, 2009

Make $ Being A Hacker

No, not the old wrinkly guy smoker cough type hacker. I'm talking a real life !gasp! computer hacker. "Ooohh it sounds so glamorous," you say. Well maybe kinda sorta, but you can make money doing it. Here is the lowdown on the deelio for ya.

Have you seen that movie with Len DiCaprio "Catch Me If You Can?" Well if you were paying attention you know that he is now a high paid forgery consultant to the banking industry. I said that to say this, you can learn how to be "that" guy. You can turn your love for computers and "hacking" into a legal :) money-making endeavor. Okay now I'm really going to get down to it and tell you where and how.

With the recent news of hackers cracking into and stealing Gov docs on fighter aircraft you can see the necessity for well trained IT security people. IT security jobs are on the rise even in this economy and the pay is on the rise as well. There is a strong demand for "ethical hackers" to actively protect the growing information infrastructure. Wouldn't it be sooo cool to help companies tighten their IT security by being an ethical Hacker?

If you are interested in being a real life certified ethical hacker head over to EC-Council dot com and check out all of the classes they have. They have classes in, Security Fundamentals, Ethical Hacking, Penetration Testing(now doesn't that ;) sound fun), Computer Forensics, Disaster Recovery, & Secure Programming. Their classes are live and completely online and as a student u have access to distributed Lab Environments hosted on EC-Council Servers. Their iClasses are live, instructor-led training delivered across the internet with flexible scheduling including evenings. Great options for working people, or those that LOVE sleeping in :). Okay well I think my fingers are getting tired, maybe my brain, so I'm out. Really I just have to pee :). Just kidding. Just sayin'.

later all and have a profitable and productive blogging day

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