Tuesday, April 14, 2009

I Tried Making Money Online & All I Got Was This Stupid T-Shirt

What do you think? Would a shirt with that on it sell and make money? Hmmmmm .... I wonder? There are a lot of places out there that allow you to do custom shirts and sell them online, Cafepress comes to mind of course. Did you know though that VistaPrint does t-shirts? I didn't. I have used their business cards quite a bit as a great almost free marketing tool for my online businesses. Well now that I have found out that VistaPrint dot com does t shirt printing I am considering trying them out.

I would love to have shirts with various affiliate marketing and blogging quotes, quips, and tips on them. I think they might do fairly well. Of course with a site like Cafepress you don't have the overhead of the actual shirt. The downside of course is that their prices are a bit high for end buyer. Well relatively speaking.

With VistaPrint you can use one of their designs and change it up a bit to fit your specs, or you can upload your own design. Now if you decide to upload there is a one time fee per image. The shirt prices start at $11.49 which isn't bad for just one shirt but certainly not the best price if you are going to be trying to make a decent profit reselling them. As usual you get the best price when you order in quantity, with the biggest difference being after 100pcs. I guess my question would be why would anyone order 100pcs for $11.99 at a cost of $1199 instead of order 101pcs for $8.99 at a cost of $907.99. You get more and spend less. Seems like a no-brainer huh?

Anyway if I were to pull the trigger and venture into fashion I would probably start with the title of this article on the shirts and go from there. I'm not looking to have a ton of people wearing my shirts like Shoemoney but if I could make a quick buck that would be nice too. Anyway for those of you who read the stuff I write around here you know I like VistaPrint so you should head over and check out this product offering from them. While you are there don't forget to check out all the other free stuff they offer.

later all and have a profitable and productive blogging day

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