Sunday, April 5, 2009

Do You Still Write Checks?

Who still writes checks? I hear that all the time. People like me I guess. I almost never carry cash. I never use credit cards. I pay most of my bills online or with bill pay. You would think given all of those things that I would not really write checks. I do though. I actually write quite a few. Writing checks gives me a way to verify payment for certain things like lease payments and child support payments; Tansactions where a record like a cancelled check is a good idea.Okay so I don't write them at a store as a form of payment, but they do come in handy for certain things.

Now just about any bank or credit union out there gives away free checks with their checking accounts. They do this because they know so many people use checks anymore and because the competition for your deposit dollars is fierce. I know that that checks they give for free are the plain simple drab design everyone else uses, but hey they are free. As a person who is frugal I don't like to waste money on frivilous things like custom checks when I can get them for free. I wouldn't mind having custom checks like all the cool kids have, mind you, I'm just not willing to part with my hard earned money for them. I do have a retirement coming :).

Okay so VistaPrint dot com of free business card fame also does custom checks. Now them selling checks does make sense, but at $4.99 a pop for a book of 25? Hmmm...I can get 250 business cards for the shipping but you want me to pay five bucks for 25 checks? Doesn't make sense. The site says you shouldn't let your budget get in the way of personal style. Huh? My budget gets in the way of everything and all my style. My budget comes first, maybe others aren't like that though.

I would consider customizing my checks if I could get really cool ones but for only the cost of shipping. Vista give me the business card deal on the checks and you just might have a deal.  Okay Vistaprint does have free checks, but they are just like the ones I get from my bank and certainly not custom. You do have a few more choices I guess, but I want the cool ones for free :).

Okay the solution is this. If you want custom checks for a little loot, check out vistaprint. Well if your definition of custom is different than the free ones your bank gives. Vistaprint does have quite a few free checks to choose from that are different though not completely custom.

For the cool custom check look you will just have to loosen the grip on about five bills or it looks like your are SOL. Are you one of the custom check people? Or are you more like me? Just one of the free check folks freeloading.

later all and have a profitable and productive blogging day

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