Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Make Money Promoting Texting Sweepstakes

We have all seen the ubiquitous ringtone commercials on TV. If you are like me you have always wondered who would actually pay the $9.99 or more per month for those services. Of course if you are like me you have probably made(ringtones aren't as lucrative as they used to be) a killing :) online through affiliate programs of services just like them. There is a new game in town that marries the ease of texting, the fun of sweepstakes, and the ability for you to make a ton of money.

The website is SMSnia dot com. The website allows users to enter sweepstakes using cell phone text messages. You send a text message to any sweepstake that you like. Now these are paid text messages that require a confirmation text after you send your initial entry, so you have to reply with a Y before you are charged. Each sweepstake is slightly different in that the winning interval is different. For example you know that every say 100th contestant wins and after you send a text message you will see you are say number 95. So you can then feel free to send again(with an additional cost of course), because your chances of winning are better.

The cool thing about the service is that us in the affiliate game can make some money! You make money by promoting the different sweepstakes. Just place a link or banner on your blog, and when someone clicks your link and enters the sweepstake you will make a 30% commission! Now they also have second level referral earnings as well so you can refer more affiliates and earn 2% commission for each SMS provided by your affiliates. Not a bad deal at all and considering the explosion of text messaging it could be a very lucrative program. I know for me it has been doing fairly well. Is this something you would participate in as a player or an affiliate? Have you ever entered a sweepstakes via text?

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