Monday, February 16, 2009

Profitable Productive Posts - Vol. 9

St. Joseph Pier At Sunset by: Proletarian

It's BACK !!! I am bringing back the series Profitable Productive Posts. The purpose of this series it to simply highlight some articles from around the Blogosphere. I feature articles from the "big blogs" and from some smaller blogs like me :). I look at this series as way to expose my readers to other blogs they may or may not know about, and to expose my blog to other bloggers. Anyway I hope you enjoy the series.

Dumb Little Man
Six Reasons You Should Consider Reading Poetry
Post title pretty much says it all. These are six great reasons to read poetry.

Time Magazine
25 Best Blogs 2009
While Time is not a blog this was an interesting article nonetheless.

5 Most Overrated Blogs
Which blogs are coasting on reputation? Here are the 5 most overrated spots in the blogosphere Time

Podcast: How To Profit From Niche Websites By Adam Short - Part 1
Podcast: How To Profit From Niche Websites By Adam Short - Part 2
These are great podcasts for anyone wanting to make more money from niche websites and niche marketing.

Zac Johnson dot com
How to Build a Campaign and Profit from Valentine’s DayYeah Valentine's Day is past but this is article is full of advice that goes beyond just one holiday.

Daily Blog Tips
Guest post by Mark Pack.
Are You Throwing Away Readers by Posting at the Wrong Time?Great question and a very good answer!

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later all and have a profitable and productive blogging day

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