Friday, January 16, 2009

Ubercool Ideas To Reinvent America

Regardless of your political leanings it is hard to argue against the fact that America is in a bit of turmoil economically at the moment. Whether you feel it is all Bush's fault, hope Obama will change your situation, or think one or the other is good, bad, or ugly, you probably feel like something needs to be done.

I came across an article this morning Reinventing America by a gentleman named Michael Tchong. It is very long article, but he touches on everything from values and morals to government simplification. What I really liked about the article was the fact that not only does Michael talk about what he feels is wrong he gives his ideas and recommendations about what to do and how to do it. According to his figures in the article he believes that following his recommendations would save $1.3 trillion.
The $1.3 trillion saved would entirely offset the current budget deficit, while providing a $100 billion surplus.
He has recommendations ranging from metric system conversion to requiring ethics education in schools. While I don't agree with all of Michael's points and recommendations, he is very compelling. If you are interested in politics in any way you should check out the article. What are your ideas about reinventing America?

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