Friday, January 16, 2009

Blogging General Connecting With His Soldiers

Major General Michael Oates has started blogging as a way to connect better with his troops and their families. He blogs in a simple questioning style and is really trying to spur discussions that can help bring about positive results and changes for the soldiers he commands.
Welcome to Task Force Mountain. This website is dedicated to giving the Soldiers of Task Force Mountain, their families and friends, the news media and anyone interested a view of our world in Iraq. Climb to Glory!
The Task Force Mountain Sound Off was started by the General as a way to really connect better with the soldiers he commands and give them a medium in which they can feel more comfortable voicing their opinions. His decision is another example of the power of blogs and how they are infiltrating so many areas.
Fundamentally what I'm doing is not new. What I'm doing is communicating with my soldiers. What's new is the medium in which we're communicating.
Major General Michael Oates
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