Friday, January 9, 2009

Beer Makes A Better Blog

Yep...After a very short meaningless totally anecdotal study, I have decided that beer makes my blog better. How, you ask? Well let me explain.

For those of you who drop by on a regular basis or subscribe to the feed and read that way, you may have noticed that I haven't posted much on many of my blogs recently. Since the middle of November I have been very busy and just have run out of time. I just have waaayyy to many projects going, and have been eliminating superfluous time-consuming ones since the first of the year. I made the mistake of getting too many irons in the fire and have been paying the price. I was on vacation quite a bit from the middle of Nov through the end of the year and just didn't have time to get to everything. I realized I was just spread too thin to really be enjoying the fruits of my endeavors and decided to begin a New Year's pruning.

During the process of looking over data and analyzing projects from my blogs, affiliate marketing, various ebay projects, and others I noticed a loose relationship between blog posting and success and my affiliate work with Mr. Beer. During the times where I have been running Mr. Beer affiliate campaigns my blogging has been more frequent and consistent and my blogs have been more profitable.

Do the two things really have a relationship? Or is it just that while I was running Mr. Beer campaigns I was more focused online in general? I honestly am not sure. I am always running affiliate marketing campaigns and really can't figure out why that the several times a year I really focused on Mr. Beer that the blogging got better as well. I did not find the same type of relationship with my other affiliate campaigns. Also, Mr. Beer, is not my most successful of campaigns.

While not really able to get to the root relationship, if any, I have come to the very scientific conclusion that beer in any form makes a better blog. It doesn't matter if you are blogging about it, blogging while drinking it, blogging after drinking a ton of it(okay well maybe here it might be detrimental), or blogging while selling it, Beer makes for better blogs! That is my story and I'm sticking to it. What are some beer and blogging stories you have? Have you ever blogged drunk?

later all and have a profitable and productive blogging day

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