Thursday, October 9, 2008

Obama Wants Your Blogging Profits

Obama wants to support all of us middle class folks in achieving the American dream. Just remember that the American dream tops out at $250,000! After that you are the evil rich and are to be punished for your arrogance and success. Heck I know a lot of small business people that are middle class and far from rich who gross over $250,000 a year and THEY ARE A FAR CRY FROM RICH Mr. Obama.

I'm not simply bashing Obama, and I'm not supporting anyone with this post. I am simply questioning his reasoning for the $250,000 threshold. I know a man who runs a landscape/care taking business with only 3 employees and he grosses almost twice that much. Although after paying the already exorbitant taxes, overhead, and good middle class wages to his employees only gets a solid middle class income himself.

Now Obama would FORCE him to provide health insurance for his employees on top of raising his taxes. This extra burden has the potential to put him out of business or cause him decrease payroll. How is that good for those 4 middle class people?

Just curious and wondering? Let me know your thoughts.

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later all and have a profitable and productive blogging day

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