Friday, October 24, 2008

Navigating The Browser Minefield

How many browsers do you use? One? Two? Three or more? For me I really like Firefox and use it most of the time. At work however I have problems with it for certain applications and have to use Explorer. Now Google comes along with their new browser Chrome. The Google Chrome browser is a very fast browser and I really like how each tab is a separate process and if one crashes you don't have to shut down the entire app. When Google Chrome came out I tried it and really liked the speed and tab/process features so I started using it at home as my main browser for most things. I can't use Google Chrome at work though because of security/proxy issues, so I have still been using the Firefox/Explorer combination.

Well now there is a new browser in the mix. It is from Mozilla, the guys behind Firefox, and it is called Minefield. Now the big hype surrounding Google Chrome was that it's new javascript engine was supposedly the fastest around. Well now Mozilla and the new Minefield browser have dropped into the mix claiming that their javascript engine is even faster than that of Google Chrome. Well let me just tell you that after downloading Minefield last friday and putting it through it's paces over the weekend, from my personal perspective it is the fastest browser I have ever used. I put it head to head with Chrome and while both performed really well Minefield consistently beat Chrome in all the tests I through at them.

If you are looking for a blazing fast browser and don't mind that it is technically still in alpha release, although so far I haven't really had any issues during my use, then you really need to download Mozilla Minefield. Since my download on Friday there has already been an update from Mozilla and it seems that Minefield is running even faster today. Although this is really just anectdotal on my part as I haven't yet ran any benchmarking to compare to what I ran over the weekend. I applaud Google's efforts with Chrome and they certainly produced a very good browser that is fast, stable, much more secure than explorer, and has a very nice user interface. However, after all is said and done I am currently using Minefield as my main browser for most of the time. Now if Minefield would take the Google Chrome browser separate tab separate process idea it would be hands down the best browser I have ever used. What browsers do you use? Have you tried either Google Chrome or Mozilla Minefield yet? If so, what is your opinion?

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