Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Guck Foogle - Screw Google - Same Thing Different Words

It is interesting that just recently Jeremy "ShoeMoney" Schoemaker, in his keynote speech at IzeaFest, talked about having a Screw Google Mentality. Now in his recent article about the same topic he reminds people that you must take the remarks within the context of being a successful webmaster.

Basically if people pretended like Google never existed or like they were blacklisting in Google its the best thing they could ever do. This applies from many things Google… From SEO to AdSense. - Shoemoney
Around this time last year when the whole paid link no-follow google PR update issue was big I wrote a satirical viral linking article I titled Guck Foogle - Give Google A Virus. I don't blog for approval from google. I don't blog to increase my PR. I blog for readers and ultimately to make money. My attitude is screw google, and has been for quite a while.

Now the response I got was pretty much as expected as far as the viral marketing goes. I really wasn't looking for that to do anything as the point of the article was satire not actual viral marketing. I did however get an interesting comment about the article. Here is the comment -
This is the kind of idiocy people expect with publishers milking google's system.

First off, it's Google's search engine, not Google itself that f*cked you and everyone living off the High PR so if you have a highly trafficked site you're bound to be unaffected unless you start buying/selling links. I see Google's PR update as a way to restart an already saturated market and people like you start jumping about it talking about a switch. I remind you it's a SEARCH ENGINE. You get hits on how good your SEO is not your PR.

Secondly what good will your post do? Oh I know viral linking. No thanks, I hate pingback/trackback spam especially from money making sites who's out to make money for themselves.

Thirdly, might I remind you that your blog is still working on the Blogger system which is a Google company. Even if your content is hosted on a server that you own they can still kill your site because it's inevitably tied with Google.

Fourthly, revenue from ANY PPC program is highly dependent on your traffic. If 90% of your traffic comes from social networking sites then don't bother. You're only going to get clicking at a rate of about 1/10000 hits.

Fifthly, if you still haven't noticed blogrush is a scam so I suggest dropping it.
Here is my response (just a note I don't get nearly as much traffic from blogrush as I was back then ;)) -
Wow did you miss the point!!!

Okay I know it is a search engine I use everyday. In fact it is my home page. I haven't been f*cked by google the search engine, adwords, gmail, blogger etc... I do believe however that Google is f*cking themselves by f*cking around with everyone's pagerank. They are making PR an insignificant metric in the blogging world. I had a PR3 before moving to my own domain, and now I am unranked, which I don't have a problem with. I am getting more traffic than ever and revenue is higher than ever as well.

I actually get a good amount of hits from google because I have good SEO on this site. I also get quite a few hits from yahoo, ask, snap, and all the rest. Google is only about 25% of total search engine traffic for me.

To your second point. The post is voluntary. Don't like it don't participate. Hell, you don't even have to spend the time commenting. But you did, so the post was effective wasn't it? Now maybe that was the point?

Thirdly I'm getting old but not yet senile so I do know that my blog is still working off the blogger system. I do actually log in about everyday. Thanks for reminding me though, that would be a bad thing to forget.

Fourthly, thanks for stating the obvious. I thought you could make money on PPC ads without traffic or clicks. Damn that is what I've been doing wrong. I'll have to get right on that. Although my CTR is muuuuch higher than 1/10000.

Fifthly, I get about 5 times more traffic a month from Blogrush than I do from Google at absolutely no cost. I guess I missed the scam part. You weren't so obvious on this point as the last one.

Well it has been nice chatting with you. And thanks for commenting. Now maybe you get the point.
The conversation continued with this poor excuse for a response :)
Actually no.
Using your sarcastic comment on my 4th point means your much more of a troll than I am.
Too which I responded, with my usual wit I might add,
Wow and you still don't get it. The point of the post was satirical not literal. Well I do thank you for reading, although based on your last comment you don't read my blog enough, which you should remedy. I do have, just a very tiny bit mind you, a sarcastic bent to my humor.

Again thanks for reading. I have to get back to milking the teet of google. Oh yeah and being a troll. Good thing I sold some beer today, actually a hell of a lot, or I would be in a bad mood. Dang that 66% CTR and 5% STC
This site has been basically blacklisted by google and I have survived. Now granted the site took a hit when I wasn't blogging very regularly but, I have been on a bit of a comeback lately. What is your opinion in this debate? Do you agree with me and Shoe?

later all and have a profitable and productive blogging day

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