Friday, September 26, 2008

Get Organized And Blog Better

I mentioned a while back that I was moving. At least I think I did. If not I am moving. One of the reasons that I am moving is so that I have a proper place for my kids. Yep in case you missed I have to wonderful children. Well now that I am back I have the task of getting moved, getting the kids situated in a new school, and getting settled in. I will be a little farther from work but closer to my family so there is some upside.

While moving I decided it would be a great time to get the kids things and my stuff reorganized. I have started sorting through clothes, papers, books, dishes, and everything else to cull out what isn't needed. Not only that, necessity warrants a bit of downsizing as space is more of a premium in the new digs.

I pretty much have my stuff done now and I am moving on to the kid's things. Between the old stuff and the new stuff I have been purchasing for school it hasn't been easy. I have been using my DYMO Labelmaker and labeling the crap out of things. I went and bought storage bins, shelving, different hangers and such to help with the organization. It is no small task let me tell you.

I've also been trying to get my daughter a little more organized for school this year. She has had a bit of a problem in the past with keeping her things organized. This has caused a few problems with late and lost assignments. Not good. I have been getting her set up with folders for each class labeled with nice color labels. I have her a little work area set up with labeled areas for different assignments. Things are coming along nicely.

Surprisingly enough both kids seem to be really enjoying school. I know it might sound funny but I have always enjoyed school and looked forward to it toward the end of summer as well. I know several weeks before I would start organizing things. You know dragging out the book bag, setting up your "TrapperKeeper", that sort of thing. All in preparation for the first day.

Now that I have started to get a handle on the personal side of life I REALLY need to get to organizing the work side of life a bit. I have not been blogging very regularly and miss all of the interaction with all of you. I really have been working trying to get back to blogging more since February and it has just been tough. The affiliate marketing has been going well, but that takes so little time now compared to blogging that I have just let this fall by the wayside.

later all and have a profitable and productive blogging day

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