Friday, September 5, 2008

Thank You As A Marketing Tool

How many times as a kid did you hear your parents remind you to say please and thank you? How many times have you as a parent said exactly the same thing? Why do so many people have problems saying a simple thanks? Are we so busy and distracted in our lives that we just don't think about it anymore?

I can't tell you how many times in just the last several days where I have simply held a door, or when I stopped a cart from hitting a vehicle, helped pick a display knocked over by a child, and the person did not say a simple thanks. Oft times they are in such a hurry they quickly speed on their way and ignore the fact that a fellow human being just took some time to lend a hand. In our society we have become so quick to wine and moan when things don't go right, service is bad, or mistakes happen. Conversely we have become MUCH too slow in saying a thanks when things simply go right, service is exceptional, or someone lends a helping hand.

Teach your kids to be friendly and the importance of saying thank you. Did they get a product they really liked, or maybe someone helped them in some way? Remind them and help them to say thanks. Sit down with them and cut out and draw a personalized thank you card to their teacher, family member, anyone that has impacted their life in a positive way. Lead by example and be a happy thankful person. We are so blessed and we need to always remember to thank God and our fellow man for making our lives such.

I have made it a practice that whenever I get above average service to communicate that message to the service providers superiors. For instance, in restaurants I see people calling managers over all the time complaining about service, food quality or other issues. Don't get me wrong there is certainly nothing wrong with valid issues and I have lodged many a complaint. My point is that on the flip side I have also seen where a customer received exceptional service with nary a peep of thanks to the server or a manager. We should be quicker with a thank you than a complaint.

Sorry I will step down of the soap box and get to my point. Sincere simple gratitude, whether a spoken thanks, thank you cards, a small gift, or other, is a phenomenal marketing tool for your blog. Had a visitor stop by and leave a great comment, say thanks by stopping by their blog and returning the favor, mentioning the comment in another post, dropping them an email. A fellow blogger helped you out in some way, write about and say thanks. Thanking your readers, people that have commented, subscribers, or anyone that has helped you out in any way, is an incredible way to market your blog and yourself. As they say in VeggieTales a thankful heart is a happy heart ;)....

later all and have a profitable and productive blogging day

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