Thursday, June 26, 2008

PPC Advertising For Lazy Bloggers

Okay...It isn't just for lazy bloggers...

How many of you have wanted to run a PPC advertising campaign for your blog or other online or offline venture, but you didn't know how to begin? Were you afraid of sinking a lot of money into an ad campaign with limited return? Well there is a company that offers a solution. You can connect your blog or any other business with readers and customers looking for your information, products, and services.

A company called NetworkSolutions has a new program called PerformanceClicks! It is basically a one-stop website promotion solution for any small business from blogging to landscaping. They will do all the work for you. They will research keywords, analyze your website, create your ad copy, purchase keywords and report on your campaign.

You can choose from two types of affordable, fully-managed pay per click marketing plans based on your budget and needs. They have pre-packaged plans that start from $125 a month all the way up to fully customized packages that include custom landing pages, daily monitoring to maximize your return, local business ads on google maps and more.

The pre-packaged Performance Clicks - Guaranteed option is designed to send traffic to your site and to allow you to try out PPC advertising without laying out huge up front expenses. You purchase just the amount of clicks you want to send to your Web site on a monthly basis and the traffic is guaranteed. Now just to note so there is no confusion that guarantee is after 3 months. Which if you ever have run a ppc campaign makes sense. It does take a bit of time to refine and maximize a campaign.

They do offer the fully customizable packages that start at $400. These aren't a bad option for mid level blogs which already have a decent following but are looking to take it up a notch. The $400 might seem a bit steep but if you are monetizing your blog you should see a pretty good return. Overall I think the packages are a pretty good option for those of you looking to get your feet wet in the ocean of PPC advertising.

later all and have a profitable and productive blogging day

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