Monday, June 9, 2008

Little Vacation Coming Up!

I love to get away, even if it is only for a few days. Now that summer has finally arrived and the kids are finishing up the last days of the school year I figured it was time to pack up and have fun. Not only that my daughter's birthday is coming up, the big 11!(gasp..I'm getting old ;-( ), and I want to do something special.

I love vacationing with my kids. It means for at least a brief time I get to act like one!! I think that too many parents try and plan a vacation they would like and then throw in a few things for the kids here and there. Big mistake! Instead plan for the kids and then throw in a few things here and there for yourself. That way you can act like a kid have a ton of fun and forget about the stress and worry of all the "adult" responsibilities for a while. You know, actually take a vacation.

We are going to be heading up to Chula Vista Theme Resort in Wisconsin Dells, Wisconsin. This is by far and away my favorite resort in the Dells area. There are bigger water parks like Kalahari, but none offer the combination of resort, waterpark, golf, and grounds like Chula Vista. The resort is nestled along the Wisconsin river and you can actually catch all the boat attractions right from a pier on the resort grounds. We have stayed there quite a few times before and just love it. Probably one of the best options, and one that really differentiates the resort, is their All-Inclusive option. While not quite as nice as what you get in the Caribbean or Mexico, gratuity and one restaurant are not included, it is one of the best overall deals I have found in the Midwest. The kids love it because they can get snacks. I love it because I can get snacks and adult libations :). It is so nice that once you get on the resort grounds you really don't have to spend money. They have a large indoor waterpark in addition to the park outside. There is a great mini-golf course, beautiful 18 hole course, scenic walking trails, spa, adults only hot tub area outside that has a beautiful 2 story fireplace and spa-side beverages. I have to say that I am sooooo looking forward to fun and relaxation with the kids next weekend.

I think later in the summer we may head over to New Jersey. I know you are probably wondering, "Why New Jersey?" Well Wildwood, New Jersey is the home of Morey’s Piers a top 25 amusement park and voted one of the best Things to do in New Jersey. Morey's Piers operates three amusement piers and two beachfront waterparks that are located on the Boardwalk and Beachfront. It is a very fun and beautiful area and we have been there before as well. They are also running a Disney concert series in July that my daughter, and son, would love. The Radio Disney Summer Concert Series finale with Raven-Symone from Disney Channel’s “That’s so Raven” is going to be there at the end of July. I don't have a set place to stay when we head to that area but you can usually find some great deals on the Internet for Wildwood NJ motels.

I am really looking forward to my coming vacations and the entire summer season in general. Next to the fall this is my favorite time of the year. I hope you are taking time this summer to laugh, have fun, and really "live" with your spouse and kids. In the end they are really the most important things.

later all and have a profitable and productive blogging day

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