Thursday, June 12, 2008

Linking A Picture To A URL

I noticed this little tweak early last month sometime. Using the Picture page element from within the Blogger Page Layout you can now optionally link the picture to a URL. Before if you wanted to do this you had to have the image hosted somewhere and do a manual link using in your page code. That was just not something many were comfortable with. This addition is a great and long needed tweak for Blogger. Not really being able to link an image to an outside URL was a hassle and frankly a boneheaded oversight in the first place. I do mean that in the most respectful way. Hey Google, now you just need to add this functionality within the post editor Add Image function. If I want an image in a post to link to a URL I still have to go in and manually edit the href="" tag for images I add through the post editor. Again it is silly not to have that functionality.

Over the last several months especially Google has been really working on adding features and upgrading the functionality of the current features in Blogger. I just wrote about another upgrade a few days ago. Google has a new Blog List page element for Blogger Page Layout. While overall Blogger still isn't quite up to the level of Wordpad I certainly feel that for most bloggers it is certainly a great option.

later all and have a profitable and productive blogging day

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