Monday, June 23, 2008

I Am Giving Away Free Gas And Making Money Doing It

I just wanted to write to you all today about one of my most recent successful affiliate marketing campaign. I am having great success simply giving away free gas. With all the headlines, as if it isn't obvious to anyone that drives a gasoline powered vehicle, about high gas prices people are searching for ways to save money on gas. What better way to capitalized on current conditions that to give a way FREE GAS. I wrote an article about this time last year titled Boca Java, Rush Limbaugh And Affiliate Marketing, and it was all about how to capitalize on existing national advertising and buzz about a product to make yourself a lot of money. This article still drives a lot of traffic and earns me quite a bit. I am still running my Boca Java ad campaigns across the net and earning a good chunk of change from that campaign alone.

I am also doing very well still with my most successful campaign of all time Mr. Beer. You wanted the best coffee or the best home brew searched for it you probably clicked on one of my links. My newest campaign that I am having great success with is giving away free gas.

With the soaring price of gas everyone is looking for ways to save money on gas. What better way to save than to get your gas for free? You can capitalize on all the news and hype surrounding the high gas prices and make yourself a little bit of gas money along the the way.

This is a campaign from NeverBlueAds which not only is it one of my favorite affiliate programs NeverBlueAds is one of the best out there. This campaign can be promoted using Web, Email, Search, or DLS. The offer IS NOT incentivizable, but it does have a great payout. The offer converts on a very quick and easy 1st-page zip submit. That is it...All the person has to do is enter their zip code and you get paid. The payout is a decent $1.25 / lead. With such an easy action leading to such a good payout you almost can't lose. So why don't you head over to NeverBlueAds, sign up if you haven't already, and begin making money giving away free gas!

later all and have a profitable and productive blogging day

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