Friday, June 27, 2008

Blogger Pictures Now In Picasa Web Albums

Google has made another very nice little improvement to Blogger. You can now access all of the images you've uploaded to Blogger on Picasa Web Albums. Blogger albums are unlisted by default, but you can make them public and even add them to Google Search for Images.

Having all of your images pre-sorted by blog is so awesome. It saves so much time when searching for an image and also the trouble or uploading an image twice as you can use the html code from Picasa to embed the image right into your site. You can also pick the size of the image you want so that is nice and comes in very handy. They have also upped the free storage quota to 1GB which is enough for roughly 4000 pics which is more than enough for most bloggers.

I haven't used Picasa much in the past and just recently started using this feature in blogger. I like the option very much but again don't understand why Google doesn't just take it one step further and simply make the albums accessible from within the add picture button when you are creating posts. There is one small note as well. If you delete a picture in the album it gets deleted off your blog so you have to be a bit careful in that regard.

Anyway I applaud Google for this new feature. They have been adding a ton of new and very useful features to blogger as of late and are really turning this platform into the web based standard for blogging.

later all and have a profitable and productive blogging day

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