Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Blogger Finally Has A BlogRoll & More

Over the last several months Google's Blogger has been rolling out some great new tools that is putting them closer and closer to WordPad in features. Around the middle of February Google finally rolled out a post scheduling option for Blogger. Late last week Google announced that they have added a Blog List widget to the page elements available in the Layout of Blogger. The big improvement from using the Link List from the past is that Blog List uses RSS feeds instead of a simple link. This allows you to go beyond a simple blog roll and use the feeds to show update times, post titles, and snippets of articles.

Here is a basic list of the Blog List features courtesy of Google
  • Link to blogs, web pages, and feeds from your blog’s sidebar, with an optional favicon

  • For pages with RSS and Atom feeds, Blog List can show last updated time, post title, and a snippet of the latest post

  • Sort links alphabetically or by last update time

  • Show all links, or hide some behind a “show all” link

  • Import subscriptions from Google Reader

  • Blog List links are visible to search engine crawlers, so your blog’s and reputation flow to those you link to

later all and have a profitable and productive blogging day

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