Monday, April 7, 2008

Returning To Blogging After A Temporary Hiatus

Just in case you may not have noticed since January postings have gotten a little thin around here. Well I decided to devote more time to areas of my life that I felt were more important and required more time and attention than they were getting. Just like when money is tight and you look at your budget to cut unnecessary expenses, so I did with my time budget. Blogging time was just one of the areas I targeted in my time budget realignment.

Now that things are finally settling down I am slowly reapportioning my time budget and working more time back over to my blogging. Once aspect of this is to start reading a bit more again and find out what has been going on during the time I just wasn't paying attention. I came across a very appropriate article on Blogging Tips. The article was written by Jake Pitt of Gettin’ Back in the Game: Bringin’ Your Blog Back to Life after Goin’ MIA was the name of the article and hopefully you can see how it relates with little to no explanation from me. Check the article out and then head over to, the self proclaimed "worst nightmare" of John Chow, and read some of the Jake's biting commentary. Jake Pitt also seems to have a beef with some shoe guy he calls “Fat Boy Slim”.

later all and have a profitable and productive blogging day

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