Friday, February 1, 2008

If You're A Blogger Or Affiliate Marketer You MUST Protect Your Identity

While I have never had a true identity theft episode in all of my years on the internet I have had one issue with Paypal and chargebacks and my bank account. It was a big mess that took weeks to sort out, and in that time I was out around $2000. It was not fun and tons of work for me.

I have spoken with several people, one in just the last severl days, that have had identity theft episodes where a credit card or in one case a very large home loan was taken out in their name using their social security number and other personal information. In all cases trying to sort the mess out has cost a lot of time and money

Because I do so much work online and have quite a few different places that have my personal information, I have taken steps to protect myself against identity theft. If you are looking to make money online many places will require your personal information for 1099 purposes. If you are not protecting your identity you are taking a huge risk.

The company I use is called Lifelock. I am an affiliate with them. Yes I have run campaigns for lifelock, but no that is is not affiliate link. I am not looking for affiliate sales with this article. I started doing affiliate marketing for them after I was already using their services.

You may recognize the name Lifelock because they have done quite a bit of advertising lately. Their commercials are the ones where Todd Davis, their CEO, gives out his actual social security number over the radio. At Lifelock, not only do they secure your identity and guarantee your good name, they ensure it with their $1 Million Service Guarantee. Lifelock has the credit bureaus to set fraud alerts on your behalf. That is all they credit bureaus offer when they talk about ID theft. Lifelock goes beyond that though. Unless your circumstances change and you tell them not to, every 90 days or so they will ask the credit bureaus to do it again. Most people could do this manually but you know that you probably wouldn't and neither would most. Next they request that your name be removed from pre-approved credit card and junk mail lists and they keep making the requests as they expire. This is huge and reduces the amount of junk mail drastically. That isn't all they do. They also order your free credit reports on your behalf from the major credit bureaus and they are sent directly to you. This is done every year.

They also have what they call WalletLock. If ever your wallet goes missing, just give Lifelock a call - anytime, anywhere - and a WalletLock specialist will help you contact each credit card, bank or document issuing company, cancel your affected accounts and complete the paperwork and steps necessary to replace your lost documents, including your credit/debit cards, driver's license, social security card, insurance cards, checkbook - even travelers checks - at no additional cost.

And of coure there is that guarantee. If your Identity is stolen while you are a member of LifeLock, they will do whatever it takes to help you recover your good name and will spend up to $1,000,000 to do it. If you are not taking steps to protect your identity I urge you to do so. Blog safely folks :).

later all and have a profitable and productive blogging day

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