Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Blogger Finally Has Post Scheduling!!!!!

This is some great news for all of you Blogger users out there. Google has finally gotten the message and upgraded the Blogger platform to include post scheduling. Nothing has really changed in the posting interface except that now when you select post options if you enter a future date and time the post is not published immediately (like it illogically was before), but it is instead scheduled to post on the date and time specified. Here are a few pics to show you how to do it and what it looks like.

First pic just shows that I entered a future date and time for this post.

This second pic shows the posts list after I hit publish for the article.

As you can see the post is now shown in the list and is labeled as scheduled. Note also that you can now filter the posts by the scheduled status as well as the usual published and draft.

This is a huge added feature to the blogger package and one that so many users have been waiting for. Now if we could just get a real archive page that would be nice. Oh yeah and fix the dang comment system too. Well I guess we can't get too greedy now huh???

later all and have a profitable and productive blogging day

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