Thursday, January 31, 2008

What To Do With A Sub-Par Article

Have you ever written an article and when you were finished you just were not happy with how it ended up? What do you do with it?

My article writing might be a bit different than yours so let me explain how I write my articles. I usually write most of my main articles in one sitting. Throughout the week as I come up with topics to write about I will clip articles and pages and save them into a draft for the article. When I finally sit down to write out my articles I will usually have 4-5 drafts and a lot of different articles, pictures and pages clipped. I will then build off of that and flesh out the article.

Many times when I am done I will go back over each article and read it checking for spelling and grammar. The next day I will read them all again to hopefully find things I missed on the first go around. After this second proof reading I will then schedule the articles for the week. Almost without fail there will be at least one or two articles that I just am not happy with and won't schedule for publication and will just leave as a draft.

The next week I will pick those "left-over" articles back up to see If I have any fresh ideas. Usually what I end up doing is scavenging these articles for newer ones and then they eventually get deleted. So for me most of my articles good or bad eventually get used one way or the other. I either rework them to the point of being published or pull bits and pieces for other articles and then delete what is left if anything.

What do you do with articles that just don't cut it? Do you write articles you never publish? What do you do with those? Do you take the time to try and change them up and then publish or do you salvage them for parts?

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later all and have a profitable and productive blogging day

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