Friday, January 18, 2008

Stimulus Package Could Help With Debt

The possibility of a large economic stimulus package has been all over the news today. The President is proposing an $800 dollar refund for a single person and $1600 for a married couple. This would be a huge boost with the economy if combined with small business tax cuts and some other tax cuts. The prospects of some type of refund are looking pretty good at this time given the slide in the economy and the fact that it is an election year. If you have credit card debt using the refund to reduce your debt could have a twofold impact. One would be the obvious reduction in debt the other being the increase in monthly cash flow by the reduction in payments.

With tax refunds coming up and the very good possibility of an additional rebate check coming int the mail now is the time to start considering eliminating your debt. The Credit Exchange Corporation is the only company of its kind in existence. They are not a debt management company. They provide debt referral services for customers seeking help with debt consolidation and debt management, and who are looking to improve their financial condition. They offer all forms of financial services such as Financial Analysis, complete Credit Counseling and Debt Counseling, and Debt Settlement through an affiliate network of debt consolidation and debt management companies.

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