Sunday, January 13, 2008

Roadblocks To Blogging Full Time?

What are some roadblocks in your way? I have been blessed with a wonderful job that I love and that provides phenomenal benefits. I have a lot of freedom and time in my life to work on additional projects such as my online affiliate marketing and blogging and also my real estate investment business. I have talked with a lot of bloggers and affiliate marketers that are making decent money but are really scared about taking the step to blogging full time. Trust me I can understand. I have struggled with when or even whether to leave my great job to pursue my other ventures full time.

One drawback for many is retirement benefits such as 401k or pension. Let me tell you if you are looking to move into self-employment you don't need to worry. There are great retirement benefits available for self-employed individuals such as the solo 401(k). You can also set up a SEP IRA which is basically a pension plan for individuals.

Another huge drawback for quite a few people is the high cost of health care. Getting health are when you are self-employed or a small business owner can be a scary proposition. Self-employed people have to apply for individual health insurance, which is actually underwritten by the health insurance company and not an employer. Pre-existing medical conditions and other things as well may lead to you being turned down for a health insurance policy. This often can mean the difference between self-employment and staying with your current job which provides health insurance protection for you and your family.

I came across a company Peoples Health Insurance, LLC that is a licensed insurance agency, not simply a referral service like you see so much online. They are an insurance company dedicated to helping self-employed consumers choose appropriate health insurance plans. They work to ensure your questions regarding the application process, policy benefits, plan pricing, and health provider networks are answered. And they assist you in selecting a quality health plan that is reasonably priced but still offers they type of protection you want and need for you and your family. They work with numerous health insurance carriers so you can choose an affordable and flexible plan that fits both your budget and lifestyle.

If finding high-quality healthcare insurance is a roadblock to you blogging fullt time and it feels like an intimidating task, Peoples Health Insurance, LLC is here to help. They offer great health insurance Florida and in Illinois. Living without proper coverage is a gamble no one should take and something you should take care of before taking the leap into full time online work.

later all and have a profitable and productive blogging day

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