Friday, January 18, 2008

Read Faster, Blog Faster, Make More Money

Way back during my freshman year of college I ordered a speed reading course after seeing the infomercial what seemed like a gazillion times. Now I had always been a very fast reader but I was pretty much at the top of where sub-vocal reading can take you. I was excited when the course came and really wanted to get started. I figured it could only help my schoolwork. I opened the package and took out the all the books and cassette tapes. I started reading the first lesson and listening to the tapes. After the first several lessons and tapes I lost interest and just never really returned to trying the program. Quite a few years later I came across another program, again one I had seen advertised on TV. I also saw a demo at a mall. I tried the product out and figured I would like it better than the previous program I tried. It was also a very different style of program. After getting the program and doing the lessons and practicing I have to admit my reading speed almost doubled. Since then I still go back and practice the lessons on occasion. The increased reading speed has been an immense help both in my personal and professional life.

Would you like to increase your reading speed by 2 times . . . 5 times . . . or even 10 TIMES? And all the while gaining better comprehension? You CAN accomplish this and MORE with the Infinite Mind Eye-Q Reading Enhancement Program! This program is excellent for all those who read from children age 8 to teens and even adults! It is recommended that you use the program every other day for the first 3 weeks, and then every day thereafter – practice is the key!


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