Thursday, January 31, 2008

Last Day To Reach $1500 January Goal

In case you missed it I have set a goal for this blog to earn $1500 in January. When I set this goal it was on January 15th and I had earned a total of $606.33 so far for the month. I am determined to meet this goal and I wanted to keep everyone updated as to my progress. With just a little under 9 hours left in the month I feel that I am getting close.

In my last $1500 Goal Update on January 24 I had a Total MTD: $1015.27. Here is the breakdown through that day.

Affiliate Sales: $647.26
Paid Posting: $303.07
Contextual Ads: $48.81
Ad/Link Sales: $10.00
Misc: $6.13

From that day I needed to average just a touch over $60 per day to reach my goal. I haven't ran down all the numbers yet today and won't have the compete totals to report until tomorrow but I feel that I am close. I know my affiliate sales have continued to increase, while my paid posting has tapered off a bit. I was getting tired of typing :) and I figured you might be tiring as well. I have no idea as to the contextual ads until I add them up tomorrow. I haven't had anymore ad or link sales so that number has stayed steady. I will be doing, already have actually, a few paid posts this afternoon and this evening to do everything I can to hit my goal. I hope this quest has been as inspiring to you as it has been fun to me. You can make money blogging, and you can make money with FREE blogs. You can make money without being one of the "big boys." Stay tuned for the final numbers coming tomorrow.

later all and have a profitable and productive blogging day

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