Thursday, January 17, 2008

How & Why To Put Links In Your Blogger Post Title

How To Put Links In Your Blogger Post Title

Well this will be short and sweet because the process is extremely simple. You simply put a link in the title. You use the html link format. Here is an example using the title of this article.

That is exactly what you would put in your title field for your post. What you would end up with when you publish the post would look like this.

How & Why To Put Links In Your Blogger Post Title

The only difference would be that the words you don't have the link to would still link to the articles permanent URL. So you would have a title where part of it links to the articles permanent URL the other part you defined when you entered the title would link to the URL you chose.

Why Put Links In Your Blogger Post Title

Now the question is why would you do this? Now I wouldn't do this for every title but it can be an effective SEO tool and also good from an affiliate marketing perspective. Remember your article titles on your main page are H2 tagged, and should be H1 on your post permalink page, but I will go into how to make your post title an H1 tag on it's permalink page in another article. Google and most other search engines put great emphasis on the H1 tag as pretty much the most important part of the page. That is why placing a relevant properly key worded link in your post title can really help what you are linking to in search ranking. Think of this as more of an internal linking strategy than an external one. In other words say you have an article on basket weaving and you happen to mention basket or weaving in another post title. You could link from basket or weaving or both to the article you are wanting to boost.

Another internal link SEO strategy is to actually publish the article and then go back and insert a link back to the article using the most important keyword from the title. In this strategy all of the words in the title would then still link back to the article, but you would in effect have two links to the same article in the same title. That is actually how this articles title is set up.

later all and have a profitable and productive blogging day

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