Thursday, January 24, 2008

Free Traffic For Your Website

OK, so you're on a tight budget and you need to build up the traffic to your website? When you build a website, it is very easy to overload your wallet, as the running costs start to escalate. As costs start to snowball out of control, it's now that you realize you need to find free traffic. How? Well, you may think it's impossible, but it's not. You can develop truckloads of free traffic, with the only cost to you being energy, effort and time. If you can commit to this, then you will most certainly get the traffic you desire.


Developing links with other websites is one way to develop traffic to your site. Have a look at sites that are similar in size and compatibility with yours. When you find them, contact the owner and see if they're willing to post a link to your site - make sure you offer to return the favor to them as well. By doing this, both sites will benefit with a boost of traffic and correspondingly help your search rankings. There are also automatic link swapping programs available, however, I would take care when using these, as you need to be aware of where your links are being posted. You most certainly don't want your link to end up on an inappropriate site. In addition, the link routing can also effect the impact you have.

An incredibly easy way to gather links back to your site is to write content (or articles) which can be used on other sites. When you provide content for use on other sites, your link remains with the content, providing a link back to your own site.

This method is especially effective, so make sure you contact article directory websites, social bookmarking sites and any other site that would be willing to link back to your site.


This is not always a 'free' method. It can actually cost a lot of money to put together an SEO strategy, if you choose to go this way. However, if you can take the time to develop quality content, utilizing suitable keywords, develop a blog which is keyword enhanced, build up your links with other sites, you will find steadily but surely, your visitors will increase, with the flow on effect of climbing up the rankings.

Remember, you need to work with the search engines, creating a strategy that meets with your visitors needs. By doing this your site will develop a strong foundation, that will continue to strengthen and grow well into the future.


Networking is still a very valid method of building traffic. Obviously, most of your contacts will be online these days, in various forums, groups or boards. But the same process for developing relationships apply, irrespective of whether you're talking with someone in person or chatting with them online. Get involved in some online communities and learn what your competitors and other marketers are doing with their businesses. Online communities are great places to meet other like minded people, find out what's new in the internet marketing world and tell them about what you're doing on your own site. You might even find that your competitors become your customers.


So, can traffic really be free? Well, nothing is really ever for free, it just depends on how you want to pay for it. Should I pay with money? Yes you can pay for it if you have a large budget and funds to spare, but the smart marketer, pays for his traffic with time and effort used to build and develop a quality website, filled with content that visitors will need and use. Don't fall into the trap of thinking you must 'spend money' to 'make money'. If you put your time and effort into these methods, you will be HUGELY surprised at the amount (and speed) of traffic you will develop. Put together a process, stick with it, right to the end and you will see the beauty of free traffic and how it builds a thriving business.

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