Friday, January 11, 2008

Do You Do Offline Advertising For Your Blog?

I know quite a few bloggers that think offline advertising is not necessary or simply a waste of money. I beg to differ. I have found that if done in the right way offline advertising can be a very effective tool to drive traffic to your blog. Quite a while back I had some business cards made up for this website and carry several with me at all times. That way if someone asks what I do I can hand them a card and tell them I make a lot of money online with affiliate marketing and blogging. Many times there curiosity is raised and they want to know a bit more. I always will tell them to check out the site, browse and read through some of the articles and then contact me through the site or at the email address on the card. I have gotten several great referrals (one makes me quite a bit each month) for some of my affiliate programs this way.

I also do some direct mail for a few of my affiliate offers and also for my real-estate flipping business. These are usually targeted mailings to specific screened individuals. I have found this to be an effective tool for certain affiliate programs and a great way to build up a contact list for other offers. I talk to a lot of people, that is just my personality, and I will get a surprising number of contacts each month from just this method alone. I usually try and mail each new contact at least one offer in the first 30 days. I do all of this online from printing out address labels to managing contact lists. I have found that you can usually get better deals online for things like address labels, business cards, and direct mailers. I can go to the office store and pay big bucks for a pack of labels and spend my time and more money on my ink to print them or I can just jump online and get some cheap address labels and save a bundle. I don't get near the returns on these types of affiliate direct mail campaigns so I don't want to be shelling out a ton of money on the mailer, the labels, the postage, etc.. I want these to be as inexpensive as possible to maximize my returns.

For a blogger or an affiliate marketer it is smart to utilize all means available to build your prospect list and to drive traffic to your blog and offer pages. Offline advertising if done right can be a great addition to your traffic building and affiliate sales portfolio.

Do you do offline advertising for your blog or affiliate campaigns? Have you ever made up business cards with your blog name and URL to hand out to people? If so what are some of your experiences?

later all and have a profitable and productive blogging day

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