Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Clustered Web Hosting For Your Small Business

Concentric Business Solutions, a leading provider small business hosting, has a unique solution to the typical shared hosting. They offer what they call Clustered Hosting. It is a patented hosting platform designed to eliminate many of the problems inherent with typical shared web hosting. Instead of your site being hosted on a single shared server with clustered hosting you are not limited to one server. You access the processing power of many servers and your applications are distributed in real-time. All web traffic is dynamically load-balanced across many servers by Clustered Hosting as well, so the impact of an increased load is diluted. Instead of a single server handling the traffic for multiple shared sites, clustering ensures that Web servers are available to handle huge spikes in traffic.

You can get domain name registration services and email hosting for your small business web sites. They offer the typical free domain name with every hosting account. With each account you get web hosting, email hosting, and domain hosting registration services--including Private Domain Registration--for small businesses with our dedicated and shared clustered web site hosting provider services. They offer free spam filters as well as built in virus protection.

Their prices are very competitive with other hosting providers. With their patented Clustered hosting it is a great hosting solution at a great price. The even offer a free 30 day trial. They have monthly, yearly, and multi-year hosting options depending on your budget and needs. If you are looking for an affordable, scalable, and reliable web host you should consider Concentric and their Clustered Hosting options.

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