Sunday, January 13, 2008

Benefits Of Multiple Affiliate Programs

For the longest time all of my campaigns were through Commission Junction almost exclusively with a few small individual affiliate programs thrown in. I was comfortable with Commission Junction as I have had a relationship with them for almost 10 years now. At the end of the 3rd quarter last year after talking with some other prominent affiliate marketers during some of my mentoring and coaching sessions I realized what I was missing by not using multiple affiliate ad companies.

I made the leap and joined NeverBlueAds, LinkShare, and the As Seen On TV Network affiliate programs. This gave me a much larger selection of campaigns to choose from but also put me in a position where I could much more easily negotiate better terms for programs at different places. One great example was my Boca Java campaigns. I had been running them through CJ with good success. Once I joined NeverBlue I was able to more than quadrupled my earnings on this campaign alone by moving to a set CPA from a percentage based commission structure at CJ. I went from about 5$ per sale to 26$ CPA with NeverBlue.

Having multiple affiliate programs to choose from not only gives you great flexibility in choosing campaigns based on what is hot, time of year, etc. but it also gives a you greater earnings potential. I encourage you to branch out a bit and join up with several "clearinghouse" type sites like NeverBlueAds, LinkShare, and the As Seen On TV Network. I think you will be happy with your choices of campaigns and also the larger affiliate income you will most likely earn.

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