Thursday, January 31, 2008

Beat Blog Fatigue In 5 Easy Steps

How many times have you been busy with your job, spouse, kids, home duties, hobbies, community obligations or whatever else occupies your daily waking hours and just didn't feel like blogging. Well here are 5 quick tips to help you overcome that blog fatigue.

  1. Post a link list article. Have you read some good articles recently? Put together a list of the best of what you have been reading. This style of post is quick and easy to put together and is also a great way to build relationships with other bloggers. Contact the authors of the articles you are linking to and let them know they have been featured. You never know you just might get some return "linkage."

  2. Read and Cross-link old posts. This is something you should do periodically anyway, but it is also great to do when you are running out of ideas. I have found that through this process I always get new ideas for articles. Take the time to put some links to some of your newer content in older related content. This will also help in finding some other related articles and chances for linking to the older posts.

  3. Recycle an old post. Now if you have read over your old posts and done some cross-linking and still haven't found some new inspiration, then this is a great idea. The key is to pull from posts about 3 months old, and don't just leave it the same way. Re-work it a bit. Add a new picture element, change the title, add some links, update with some recent experiences, but don't just leave it the same.

  4. Give Your Blog a mini makeover. You don't need to change your template or anything drastic. Little tweaks can make a big difference. Change some colors around, add a new widget or plugin. Things like this can help break through the blog boredom. If you feel your blog is looking better it helps motivate you to produce.

  5. Write a review. I know for me that sometimes even when I'm not inspired to write something I can still review a money making program, affiliate program, or another blog. Pick a smaller blog, someone who has commented on your blog, or added you to their technorati faves, someone that is connected to your blog in some way and has their own blog. I'm sure they wouldn't mind a free review. Of course you will need to probably make it at least neutral :) to positive. Don't blast another blog that isn't nice! If you don't have another blog to review write one about an affiliate program you are involved in, or a money making opportunity you have been successful at. Reviews are simply your thoughts and feelings on and impressions of something and so are fairly easy to do even during times of blog fatigue.

There you go! Now go break of your slump and get back into your blogging groove. Do one of these suggestions each day for 5 days and I am sure it will help. This article is the third installment in My "5 Easy Steps" series. Read the other great articles Feed Failure in 5 Easy Steps and Feed Success in 5 Easy Steps.

later all and have a profitable and productive blogging day

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