Saturday, January 5, 2008

Advertise Using Fundraising

How many parents just jump for joy when your child brings home a fundraising packet? I know I certainly don't. Traditional fundraising is really very annoying. Little kids and even adults running around selling everything from candy bars and fruit to exorbitantly overpriced wrapping paper and stationary sets. In recent years many other fundraising options have come available. Many large national and regional retailers have programs where a group can sign up and a portion of sales generated by that group's constituents.

Well there is a new site that has a new idea in fundraising. It combines the new group-buy-percentage concept with online sponsorship and affiliate advertising. A group signs up with shoutback and then invites it's members using their own contacts from your existing email address book. The more members that join, the more money that is generated for your group. With my father being a pastor I can see how this could be a nice fundraising tool for a group like a church or church school. It would be a nice alternative to the traditional sales type fundraiser.

Once a group signs up and has members those members then can benefit your cause just by shopping, selling, and saving through the website. They can also take advantage of special business offers, deals, and auctions. This is where you as an advertiser comes in. You can sign up with Shoutback as an advertiser and then you can choose groups to sponsor and set up a budget. This will put your ad in front of the group members. The more groups you sponsor the more people see your ad. This also gives you a bit of ad targeting power as you can pick groups in a particular location and with a certain type of members. This is pretty much PPC advertising so that is what your budget is for.

I think this could be a nice addition to an advertising portfolio. Being able to target geographically and to a point demographically is a great option. You would also be helping out local groups looking to raise funds. You can advertise, and possibly make some money yourself all while helping groups you choose raise some money. Seems like a win-win for both groups and advertisers alike.

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