Wednesday, January 2, 2008

2007 Blog In Review

Well another year is in the can and new one is already flying by. Can you believe it is January 2nd already. It seems like the year just started yesterday. I just wanted give you all a year ending review of this blog.

Most Popular Articles

The 12 Links Of Christmas
These articles were pretty much just full of links but the title, and the links, obviously caught people's attention. These were a great year end traffic building and link building series. Day 1 was actually my biggest article of the year with over 1000 visits in just a few short days.

What The F Does The C Stand 4
My first and most successful contest.

The Stripping Aristologist
My second contest and I think the reference to stripping and a big word most people probably didn't know helped this one along.

Boca Java, Rush Limbaugh, And Affiliate Marketing
This is still the article that gets the most search traffic. It is also one of my highest converting affiliate offers for the site.

Hits4Pay Program Review
This has been a great Pay-to-read program for me. This article gets high search traffic and I get good conversions on people signing up. It has been a very successful non-traditional affiliate program as I get paid from them every month.

Feed Failure In 5 Easy Steps

I wrote a bunch of facetious articles around this time.

Your So Vain - Top 10 Reasons John Chow Probably Thinks This Blog Is About Him
My most popular early article. It still brings in some good search numbers.

Profitable Productive Blogging Traffic Numbers

Here is a screenshot of my visitor for the last 30 days. The chart is from Feedburner with Google Analytics overlayed on top. You can see that toward the end of the month there is a divergence between the two. That is the time when I installed the "New" google analytics code. I am thinking of switching back as it doesn't seem to be reporting accurately.

As with all sites my traffic fluctuates quite a bit but has really picked up in November and December. For those two months I am averaging roughly 6500 visits with about 10000 pageviews. For the year from March when I started I have had, according to google, 38,157 visits with 56,336 pageviews. You can see that quite a bit of both is from the last 2 months.

Profitable Productive Blogging Revenue

I don't do really like the practice of reporting revenue numbers though I might change my mind at some point. I do set goals for myself though. I am happy to report that this blog met and surpassed my income goals I had set. My biggest earners for the site were affiliate links, paid posting, ad sales, and contextual ads in that order. Contextual ads has been coming on strong though with the addition of Kontera toward the end of the year. Also I started with NeverBlueAds at the end of the year as well. They offer better payouts, and great customer service, on some of the campaigns I was running through Commission Junction.

later all and have a profitable and productive blogging day

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