Friday, January 18, 2008

$1500 January Update - MTD: $770.58

In case you missed it I have set a goal for this blog to earn $1500 in January. When I set this goal it was on January 15th and I had earned a total of $606.33 so far for the month. As you can see I had not yet earned half of my goal yet the month was already half over. I am determined to meet this goal and I wanted to keep everyone updated as to my progress.

I will only give totals through yesterday as I am not done earning yet today! The totals will be through the end of the day Thursday. Without further ado...

Here is where the earnings stand for the month.

Affiliate Sales: $491.05
Paid Posting: $232.14
Contextual Ads: $34.61
Ad/Link Sales: $10.00
Misc: $2.78

Total MTD: $770.58

That is an average of a little over $45 per day so far this month. If I maintained that rate I would fall just a bit short of my goal. Although if you look at the earnings for the 16-17th after I set my goal and started my push the average jumps up to about $82 per day. Counting today the 18th there are 14 days left in the month. I will need to average just a touch over $52 per day to reach my goal.

later all and have a profitable and productive blogging day

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