Saturday, December 22, 2007

Year-End Moves For Investors

As we near the end of the year I am always looking for ways to lessen my tax burden. I hate giving the government money. I have a firm belief that I know MUCH better what to do with my money that any local, state, or federal government. The government does nothing efficient and certainly don't worry about profitability as most are convinced that the American taxpayer is their limitless ATM machine for all of their well intentioned program. I have always thought it funny that the US postal service can't make money but UPS, FEDEx, DHL, and many other regional and national parcel services continuously make a profit. Another good example is AmTrak. I know carrying people is different than cargo but I still find it ironic that AmTrak has never made money, ever, but there are tons of rail services that do. The federal government will never do things efficiently and almost NEVER end a program once it is started. Then they scare the American people into thinking someone wants to cut program x by by 10% or whatever. When in reality everyone is proposing an increase just one party wants 20 and the other 10 so the one that wants 20 accuses the other of wanting to cut program x by 10% when the reality is they want to increase it by 10%. Stupid government games. Sorry I digress. You see you don't want to get me started on taxes and government. Well after all that here are some great end of the year tips for your investments.

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