Thursday, December 20, 2007

Targeted Lists Are Key To Successful Affiliate Marketing

Having targeted, preferably double opt-in, email (and snailmail) addresses in my opinion is key to a successful email or direct mail marketing campaign. Having a great landing page, or other vehicle, that captures potential customers email, and mail, addresses is a must have tool for any affiliate marketer.

Looking to do a mortgage lending campaign, you want addresses for people interested in a new mortgage or refinance. Wanting to run email ringtone campaign, you want cell phone owners, and probably a younger demographic. You don't want to be sending ringtone ads to older folks in their 70's that have never owned a cell. You can see the importance for screened and targeted lists.

There are several ways to get such a list. You can build it yourself through a collection vehicle of some type such as a good landing page, a site newsletter, etc.. Or you can buy consumer mailing lists both email and snailmail targeted lists. I use both methods. I have several landing pages where people enter email addresses as well as buying lists for some campaigns.

I can't say I would prefer one always over the other. I have been successful with both. Obviously creating your own is cheaper, but can take a long time. Buying lists can be a risky deal if you don't take care who you are buying from and how they get their lists. A site that I use is called Guaranteed Lists.

At Guaranteed Lists, they don't just sell lists and leads, they help show you the way to profit! They provide valuable marketing expertise, which most of us don't have, to help make your campaign succeed! Guaranteed Lists has just about the largest business database available anywhere, with information on more than 13 million US companies and 57 million companies worldwide, ranging from large public corporations to small privately owned firms. With over 280 million consumers available from Guaranteed Lists, it's easy to find your perfect prospect! You can choose your guaranteed prospects using a variety of demographic data selections like age, gender, length of residence, and income.

What do you do, if anything, to capture potential customer's email addresses? Have you, or have you considered, purchasing a targeted safelist? What are your methods for marketing? Do you do offline direct mail? Would you consider it?

later all and have a profitable and productive blogging day

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