Thursday, December 27, 2007

Quality Leads = Direct Affiliate Marketing Conversions

If you have a great high converting affiliate program but don't have anyone to send it to it doesn't do you any good. Or if you send it to 1,000,000 people that aren't interested in the slightest that doesn't do you any good either. Having high quality sales leads is a great boost to an affiliate marketer. Here is a top 10 list of ways to boost your direct affiliate marketing campaign. This list is courtesy of Lead Dogs, where you get "marketing with more bite."

Top 10 Ways to Boost Direct Marketing Results

1. Have an offer and don't hide it. Don't just put "Get your free CD" in the last paragraph of your brochure. Boring. Include a picture of the CD in a prominent location with your phone number and Web address.
2. Use telemarketing before the promotion to research, build, or clean up target account lists for improved results.
3. Use telemarketing after the promotion to ensure that your message is heard and ask for an opportunity to meet.
4. Give a unique URL that points prospects to information specific to your promotion or campaign.
5. Personalize all aspects of your direct marketing campaign either via direct mail, phone, or the Internet. We all know something about everyone that we're marketing to. So leverage it.
6. Call your contacts first and tell them a promotional mailer is on its way. It gives you an opportunity to get referrals and it allows you to put "The information we discussed is enclosed" on the envelope.
7. Build a relationship marketing system that includes delivering the right offer to the right prospect at the right time.
8. Know an organization's "pain chain." This includes each person in each area of the company that is affected by not having your solution. Ask for them by function or title when gathering referrals.
9. Always utilize multiple response mechanisms such as toll free numbers, Web addresses, business reply cards, etc.
10. When you get a response - unleash a tsunami! Go after the "pain chain," or everyone in the company that the problem affects.

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