Thursday, December 6, 2007

Okay What Is With The Gambling Article?

I'm confused Cman, isn't this site supposed to be about making money online via affiliate marketing and profitable productive blogging? Well that is a good question and one I will attempt to answer for you. Yes there really was a point to the article, well aside from telling you about the site. The reasons I posted that article are twofold.

One - I got paid.

I won't lie I use this blog to make money and I figured I could make money and a point at the same time. Don't like? Don't read. Want to understand? Read more I will explain. See that is Honesty In Advertising. Most important though was reason two below and really was the main focus of these two articles.

Two - Illustrate A Powerful & Profitable Affiliate Marketing Technique

There was an affiliate marketing technique that I briefly mentioned the other day in my article Boost Your Affiliate Marketing Income Using Internet Marketing Consulting. It is content websites.
In this model, the primary goal is not to promote a single advertiser or offer, but instead the goal is to provide information that is valuable to visitors. The site is then monetized various advertiser's ads in and around the high-value search engine optimized content.
One variation on that is the comparison site. The site I talked about in the previous article Isn't Online Gambling Dead? is just such a site. I thought this to be a great illustration on how you can use this type of site to make tons of money in affiliate marketing. Comparison sites are sites that bring together a lot of products from many different advertisers and then give value-added content in the form of comparisons, reviews, and other qualifying content. This allows the site visitors to shop a variety of sites or products from one location. It also allows the affiliate marketer to market a wide variety of product lines on one site. Many affiliate marketers will take this one step further and artificially bend the comparisons and reviews toward a particular program. Usually one with the highest payouts or incentives. I personally don't do this as I feel it goes against the nature of the site and in the long run can hurt your trust factor.

I use this type of site in several of my niches and have found it to be a very successful method. There are some of your top affiliate marketers taking advantage of this type of marketing method to make a ton of money. A variation of this method was linked to by ShoeMoney the other day in his article about his PRK eye surgery. He linked to a site Now who's site do you think that was? And who's affiliate links do you think were all over that site? ShoeMoney's of course.

Have you ever used this type of marketing technique in your affiliate marketing campaigns? What do you think about this type of marketing? Would you bend the page toward a particular affiliate(s) because of incentives or higher payouts?

later all and have a profitable and productive blogging day

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