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Make Money In Real Estate Using Online Technology

Being a real estate investor I found this technology very interesting. I figured I had some real estate investors in the audience and wanted to pass along the useful and cool technology. The technology is called REmapper™. REmapper™ is a unique forecasting system that gives you information on the current status of a property as well as its forecasted future value. A web-based mapping and graphs tool, REmapper’s™ ability to apply statistical and economic factors in forecasting future values is unique. REmapper™ identifies trends in the economic and market components that define property values, helping investors make smart, fact-based decisions. Here is the url for the site stop by and check it out This is a great tool to evaluate potential investments and give you some idea on how the current and forcasted market will affect your investment. Here is the companies recent press release announcing this powerful tool.

For Immediate Release
December, 2007

Contact: Customer Service, 408-834-7779

REmapperTM Delivers Dynamic Maps Block Level Forecasts for Real Estate Professionals

Interactive Web site takes the guesswork out of buying and relocating with unique dynamic class-based gradient color heat maps.

San Jose, CA – December , 2007 – Imagine being able to accurately pinpoint a property’s future value, so that everyone from investors to brokers to agents to developers can make informed and profitable purchase and location decisions. REmapperTM, the newest and most innovative real estate Web site to hit the Internet in years, delivers just that and more.

REmapperTM announced the long awaited beta launch of the new web-based mapping and graphing tools today. REmapperTM offers a system of proprietary algorithms that take much of the guesswork out of real estate investing and a unique location analysis tool. The site applies proven statistical analysis to the latest economic and demographic data. Unique data such as block level business growth and vacancy are updated monthly and quarterly, allowing everyone to consider forecasted values when buying or selling property. By filtering through up to 640 variables that affect property values at the block level, REmapperTM will help investors make smart, informed decisions, and give real estate professionals and agents a tool to sell with quality information, like no other.

As they say, its location, location, location, NOT market, market, market OR county, county, county. So if location is important, REmapper is a core tool for anyone to everyone in the real estate industry.

Most Real Estate sites simply have what’s on the market and price trends. However, what is most important to the investor or home owner or real estate professional, is what affects price movement at the local level. Typically price alone has anywhere from 45% to 75% of what affects price movement, say the mathematicians at REmapperTM. REmapper let’s Real Estate professionals view the remaining variables in both real-time rendered gradient maps and least-squared monthly regression lines (to reduce outliers) to the block level. With such unique monthly and quarterly variables as: new jobs, new businesses, growth, income change, and the latest vacancy figures which statistically makes up for what is missing in the elements than just looking at prices.

The REmapperTM method has been in development from more than two decades, starting from one MBA’s passion to know which investment was best. With quick visual answers backed up by solid data and statistics. That is the essence of REmapperTM.

REmapperTM uses a combination of GIS (Global Information System) technology and reliable demographic and economic data. Embedded mapping algorithms and proprietary financial modeling algorithms are then applied, delivering dynamic gradient heat maps that show specific locations with high potential for price appreciation. Gradient maps are uniquely dynamic, rendered in real-time, and zoom-able to the block level, so that investors or developers can pick the right block to investigate.

Dynamic maps, as opposed to static or simple mashups. Each time the user zooms, the maps are re-rendered on the fly and the scale in the legend changes, based upon the XY axis of the map. The maps dynamically change every time the user zooms in-or-out of an area. Real estate is all about location, location, location, and locating the right street within the right block or block is critical. All real estate is relative, and each time the maps are rendered relative to the area, or zoom level. Find the best block within a zip code or the best street within a county to build or invest is what REmapper delivers. Simply put, revolutionary…

During the initial release, visitors can log into the Web site and subscribe for a trial period of 7 days and view income changes. REmapperTM users may select a geographic area as small as a city block or as large as the nation, and then use simple forecasting tools to chart the expected future value of properties within that area. With simple, easy-to-use tools, REmapperTM promises to democratize real estate information.

REmapperTM is a subscription-based service, much like the Multiple Listing Service and other tools used to assess the real estate market. A variety of subscription plans are available, giving users a number of affordable options. Subscribers can also view many variables at the same time with a consolidated report that shows market trends in a graphical format.

Real estate professionals who become subscribers will have a unique competitive advantage with their ability to geographically and statistically pinpoint the exact property that will create a high appreciation investment opportunity. Agents and brokers may also purchase a subscription for dynamic, customized newsletters that they can send to clients and prospects within a targeted geographic market.

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