Sunday, December 23, 2007

Lifetime Hosting Only 95$ - Only 1000 Spots Available

Merry Christmas from THC! This is an unbelievable hosting deal for all of you bloggers looking to make money online. One of the largest expenses for a beginning blogger is the hosting costs. You can start off with free blogs that is true but you really need to have your own domain and host. I know there are many hosting programs out there but you really need to check this one out. I have purchased one of the the 1000 offers available for a new blog I am starting next month so I am not just blogging about this I have actually taken advantage of this great offer.

This Christmas, and only this Christmas, Top Hosting Center offers 1000 special web hosting plans that make the best Xmas gift ever. Any blogger or small business owner who needs professional web hosting can have it for LIFE! THC offers the most affordable web hosting plan on the Web. Here are some of the great features you get with the Rudolf Christmas special!

World class web hosting including:

  1. For a one time fee of $ 95 US you get free setup - no hidden charges - and never pay for hosting again - ever!
  2. 250 GB disk space, 3000 GB bandwidth
  3. 1 FREE domain name registration included in your package
  4. instant blogs - yes, we are talking about a blogger tailored solution!
  5. unlimited MySQL databases that will allow you to create as many blogs as you want
  6. host unlimited subdomains - you just need ideas to name them
  7. host unlimited domains - and transfer all your other domains to your Rudolph lifetime hosting package.
  8. instant backups - and nothing can go wrong: no data loss, no worries.
  9. unlimited FTP accounts
  10. web mail and unlimited email aliases
  11. and much more!
With Rudolf, you never have to pay for web hosting ever again. A one-time payment of 95 USD gives you access to 250 GB disk space, 3000 GB bandwidth, unlimited MySQL databases, PHP4, webmail, professional website design tools and a free domain for life. There will be no hidden costs, no recurring fees. This is a special offer that will literally change the way you do business online. The offer ends when the Rudolf 1000 is sold.

No more worries about paying your host each month! Think about the savings! A similar hosting plan costs around $60 USD per year. The next year you pay the same. That's $120 USD in two years! It doesn't sound like much, but you could use the money for something else - a Christmas present a year perhaps?

Top Hosting Center offers the chance to get professional hosting for life with just a $ 95 USD one-time, non-reccuring fee! Catch RUDOLF! The promotion ends when 1000 promotional plans are taken - Ho-Ho-Hop on it while you can.

later all and have a profitable and productive blogging day

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