Monday, December 3, 2007

An Interesting Trend Since Google Page Rank Bitchslap

Have you checked your search engine traffic stats lately? I noticed something very interesting today that has been trending, now that I'm looking, since right after the first big paid link PR shake-up. Up until that PR update I was averaging about 15% percent traffic from search engines. Google was highest at about 70 percent, yahoo next at 27%, and bunch of small ones total 3%. Since that time my percentage of search traffic has crept up to about 19%. What is really interesting is the percentage flip-flop. Now I figured that google would go down, but I never thought the others, especially yahoo, would more than make up for the drop in google traffic. My google traffic did indeed drop by about 1/2. My yahoo traffic on the other hand is up 300%. The increase in yahoo traffic is what drove the overall search percentage increase.

It appears, for whatever reason, that my yahoo results were suppressed in some way. I had noticed in the past that some of my highest ranking pages in google search wouldn't even show on the 1st page in yahoo and vice-versa. Now that google has kicked my pages down a bit, yahoo is ranking them much higher, in many cases higher than they were at google. Has anyone else noticed a trend such as this? Did your traffic from google drop during the PR shakedown?

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Proletariatof1 said...

Testing comment system. I was experimenting with an iframe comment system but had periodic problems with framebreak.

I also had people reporting that they couldn't log in to comment so they had to comment anon or as other.

I decided to go back to the default comment system from blogger. Hopefully this will encourage more comments and eliminate some of the problems