Monday, December 3, 2007

The Influence Of The Blogospere Demonstrated Again is launching a huge promotion on December 3rd called the "All I want for Christmas Giveaway" and they have, like so many advertisers are finally recognizing, are turning to the power of the blogosphere to promote their contest and prizes.

When you enter the contest you can select one item from their website up to but not more than $1,000.00. You can also then send an “invitation link” to up to five friends by putting in the friend's email address. And of course you obviously can't "invite" yourself so don't try. The cool thing is, is that if you win all the friends you referred win as well. Also if one of the friends you referred win too. Pretty cool.

The item that chose upon entering was the Ebel Men's 1911 Steel Watch. Why? Because that is what I wanted. Well, the one I really want is a bit higher priced so this was the one for under the $1000. Yep a watch. I did refer five friends that I know would appreciate the watch. You could pick a TV, an IPOD, or choose anything from the site.

In the spirit of Christmas and the nature of the promotion itself I am just going to link to 5 blogs to which I want to say Merry Christmas. So since I can't enter email addresses here I will link to 5 blog addresses instead. It's a great contest. Why don't you head on over and enter, refer a few friends if you wish and LINK TO FIVE BLOGS as a way of saying Merry Christmas. Which five friends would you refer? Other bloggers? If so feel free to link to their site! Which bloggers chose you?

My Merry Christmas Five!
The Naked Affiliate
Green Affiliate
Earning From Affiliates
A Cowboy's Wife

later all and have a profitable and productive blogging day

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