Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Earthfrisk - A "for real" Great Alternative To Google Search

I know a lot of people that use just google or just yahoo when doing a search. This can limit your results as each engine tends to rank sites differently and therefore your results can vary greatly from one to the other. I know for me, since the google PR drop due to sponsored links, that now my pages rank much higher in yahoo than they used to and lower in google. No one search engine has a monopoly on the "best" results.

EarthFrisk.Org is the worlds first hybrid meta-community search engine. I have to be honest I am just a bit leery on their social ranking procedure, but it has worked well for Digg and others who allow users to "digg" or "bury" sites and combining this with hybrid results of the top search engines will bring a nice balance to the results. I noticed right away that already the searches I did seem to have superior results by combining the very best of Ask, Google, Yahoo and MSN's Live! I did a search on google, yahoo, and ask and visited the top 5 results on each to do a subjective personal judge on relevance. I then search for the same term on EarthFrisk and found that the top 5 were a combination of google and yahoo and 3 spammy sites were not shown. The way Earthfrisk works helps weed out the spam sites.

Another really cool feature beneficial to all of us bloggers is that they also interface with Digg, the undisputed king of social news sites, as well as StumbleUpon, Wikipedia and more. With Earthfrisk results you can really see what others think of sites, services and people with their own comments! Join The community powered search results and make rankings and search engine results a truly people-oriented function no longer dominated by any one company.

later all and have a profitable and productive blogging day

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