Friday, December 21, 2007

Can A New Novice Trader Make Money With Forex?

As an online, and off, entrepreneur I like for my efforts to make money. That is the ultimate goal of any business right? Now if you have read much on this blog you also know that I love saving money. I like leveraging different methods together to get the best possible use of my money. Whether that is saving on a purchase or saving by putting money into an investment vehicle of some kind, to me it is all saving money. A penny saved is a penny earned type of thing.

One area that I got involved about 6 years ago is Forex Trading. Forex is simply a currency trading market like the NYSE is for stocks. You buy or sell different currencies and obviously the goal like any investment is to make money. I started out with the free accounts you see advertised everywhere so that I could get used to the concept and get a feel for market. I did a lot of reading on the subject as well. After trying out a ton of strategies from a myriad of sources I found some things that worked for me. Once I ran them through my free "play" money account for a while to really see how they would work I graduated to a mini Forex account. From there I graduated to a full account and the rest as they say is history. I just recently came across a Forex trading platform that is great for newer Forex investors. If you are looking to get into Forex you should check out eToro.

eToro is an innovative Forex trading platform that enables novice traders to easily enter the exciting arena of currency trading, through a friendly interface. The platform is based on visual representation of financial transactions, allowing users an intuitive approach to Forex trading, while combining special features such as a community chat and championships with prizes. Here is a screen shot for you to take a look at. You can see the friendly graphical interface as opposed the huge charts and graphs you usually get.

eToro solves the biggest hurdle faced by competing financial platforms, which is how to appeal to non professional traders. eToro accomplishes its goal to enable non professionals and people interested in learning and practicing trading, by easing the way into this world through a user friendly environment. The trades are represented in a clear graphical visualization, coupled with online tutorials, live support and the embracing community communication through the in-platform chat and the forum.

eToro is revolutionizing the Forex trading arena with a novel approach that broke through the old bank-like interface and brought it straight into the web2.0 style interface and community, allowing everyone to participate in the biggest and most exiting market of currency trading.

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